Quality Assurance

Don't let your customers find your bugs first.

Software development doesn't stop after the code is written. The product needs to be extensively tested both during and after making changes, to ensure that there are no regressions or that new bugs haven't been introduced.

Automated testing can only help so much, but for many cases you just need an experienced QA engineer to pore over the new (or changed) functionality and ensure that everything is working as it should. In the same way that one can rarely identify their own spelling errors, the developers who write the code are not the best people to be testing it, and that's where QA can help.

Having been in software development for decades, we know how important it is to have experienced and reliable QA engineers take over after developers have done their job. That's why we've built an excellent QA team that is available to help your product reach the levels of quality you're comfortable with.

Our QA team is ready to either supplement your own QA people, or to deliver first-class stand-alone QA services for your company. Just contact us to get started right away.